Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tomb Runner

Halvors room so far

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Grinder

Nearly finished, a few things missing. concreat mixer and other misc. items to fill the level. The wall texture also needs to be finalized.
Martin S.


Programmers progress

This week we have been working with object and animation loading, scripting and enemy AI and finishing the collision and player movement. We have also solved the problem with jumping in the air. We are a bit behind schedule so we might have to work this weekend… we are working our asses off… for minimum wage.


We have been working on our rooms this week and here is my contribution (Micke):

Artists progress week two


Martin O (marolc-6) progress week 2
The room is not far from being finnished. We made a slight change in our time plan allowing us to push some of this weeks work to next week (see design doc).
During the week I’ve modeled and tried a lot of design ideas for the room. All of the major elements are complete and what’s left is doodads and space filling objects. I ran into a slight problem since I wanted a HDR effect on a neon sign, but didn’t want HDR on the rest of my scene. I solved this by creating an alpha mapped plane behind the sign and thereby faking it(see image below).

Screenshot from nebula: