Sunday, June 8, 2008

Post Mortem

The project has ended and here are the last documents updated and added:

Post Mortem

Design Doc.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

[GD] Kennet Johansson, Final Individual Progress Entry

So, final entry. In the end things turned out ok, after a couple of days of near constant work. The system for loading in objects wasn’t finnished until early last week so I’ve pretty much been sitting and adding in objects, linking them together and programming the rooms to make use of them. Would have been good if it could have been finnished a bit earlier, I had to rush it a bit to get it done in time. We also had to drop the moving staircases (and later their replacements; the shifting staircases) due to time contraints, this made things quit a bit easier (for us, and mostly me).

In the end things worked out. The game is full of hacks but it works, and that is what matters, yeah? It’s been tested (as much as time would allow), the artists are currently trying to attach the label to the cd and in an hour we turn it in. The end.


[GD] Simon Wiippola, Final Individual Progress Entry

A total of three updates over the course of ten(?) weeks…I feel quiet content with that.
My lack of writing updates for the blog most point to the fact that I’ve put all my precious time into writing code instead.

During these last three weeks I’ve been working my ass off on a whole bunch of different stuff for the project, such as;

* Player movement
Limited jumping ability, Velocity based movement and the ability to crouch
* Gallery enemy “AI”
It turns towards the player and moves to it’s position
Main menu, loading screens, splash screen and so forth…
* Sounds
Ambient and positioned sound
* Physics (if you could call it that)
The gravity of the room can be flipped on command and the player can then move around in the ceiling.
* And all kinds of other small fixes here and there

Aside from programming I have also composed a short “theme” for the game that is played in the main menu.

And that’s pretty much it…now all I have to do is be on standby and fix small bugs on the fly as my teammates beta-tests the game.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General CG Progress Entry #2

Aside from our own rooms, Agneta and I have been working on an entrance (starting point, if you will) to our game. It’s nothing spectacular, but I figured that since we’re now finished I would post some screencaps;

entrance_01_small.png entrance_02_small.png entrance_03_small.png

Friday, May 23, 2008

[CG] Stefanie Kristiansson - Individual Progress Entry #3

I’ve been keeping busy since my last post; I’ve finished texturing my room and its 600 paintings (a long and tedious task), and I think it turned out pretty well;

gallery_text01_small.png gallery_text02_small.png gallery_text03_small.png

I’ve also completed modeling, texturing, animating and adding particles to my enemy, and I’ll upload a screenshot of it as soon as I get around to it. The weapon is also done, though we’re still on the fence whether we’ll be able to use it or not - as soon as it’s decided, I’ll update that with a screencap as well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #3

As I promised in my last entry I have some pictures of my room with textures:

tower_screenshot_textures_small.jpg tower_screenshot_textures2_small.jpg tower_screenshot_textures3_small.jpg

Have in mind that these pictures are screenshots.

These last two weeks I have finished my texturing, I figured out how the staircases should move (do still have some work on the collisionmesh of these moving staircases to do before it will work in the game) and I’ve been working with getting all my props in before the contentlock we had this week. I need to refine the firepaticles a bit and set the light for the room. I have also been putting out locators in the room for trackers and spawning of animated objects, enemies and the player (of course). So what I have left (exept for all the work with making my scene run in the game) is baking some lightmaps and mabe some occlusion, it depends on how the shadows will turn out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

General CG Progress Entry

Aside from the work surrounding the rooms; startscreen, endscreen, gameoverscreen, hud etc have been checked off of the todo list. The manual is now a work in progress and we have weapons for the rooms. Still missing a splash screen and a credits screen though.

Some examples from this progress:


Printscreen HUD

[CG] Agneta Åkerlund Individual Progress Entry #4

I have been trying to make my room done so that the programmers can do their work. I have put out locaters and made lists over separate objects and locaters and exits and… well, lets just say it took me a couple of days to get it in order. I still want to tweak the textures, but there are other things that are more important and in need of my attention. Trying to work a bit closer with the programmers now so that the process will be as smooth as possible on there part.

Design Doc Update.

Since the project has undergone some changes (loosing a level among other things), it was certainly time to make some changes to the design doc. I have made a few changes on the behalf of CG and changed general gameplay a bit, not much, but a bit. I expect that GD also will be making some changes in the design doc soon (being in the midst of it all and grasping what will be possible to achieve these next couple of weeks).

[GD] Kennet Johansson, Individual Progress Entry#2

The last two weeks have begun and things so far seem to be under controll.

During these last two weeks I have continued working on triggers mostly. The final model of locating triggers within the scene at creation has basically been completed. As most components of (let’s call it) the engine are now complete, work can finally begin on putting the game together. This includes writing the events of each room as well as special objects and in some cases adding in additional content. Admittedly, there are still a few worrying problems left (animation, sound, some objects, enemies partially). There will be an end product, though we shall see how much of it is finnished at the end.