Thursday, May 22, 2008

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #3

As I promised in my last entry I have some pictures of my room with textures:

tower_screenshot_textures_small.jpg tower_screenshot_textures2_small.jpg tower_screenshot_textures3_small.jpg

Have in mind that these pictures are screenshots.

These last two weeks I have finished my texturing, I figured out how the staircases should move (do still have some work on the collisionmesh of these moving staircases to do before it will work in the game) and I’ve been working with getting all my props in before the contentlock we had this week. I need to refine the firepaticles a bit and set the light for the room. I have also been putting out locators in the room for trackers and spawning of animated objects, enemies and the player (of course). So what I have left (exept for all the work with making my scene run in the game) is baking some lightmaps and mabe some occlusion, it depends on how the shadows will turn out.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #2

I’m working on my textures right now, I still have some details to add and colours to correct.

To brake the hypnotic state of UV-mapping and texturing I finished my particles that I’m going to have in my room:

Enemy Cloud particles.
Fire particles.

Particles are fun to lurn and play with but it took some time to figure out how to get the effects that I want. As soon as I’m finished with the textures I will work on the lights in the room and the movements of the staircases.

Pictures of the Tower with textures on are coming, so be patient. ;)

Friday, April 25, 2008

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #1

I was sick last week so this week I’ll present my progress from the last two weeks.

I’ve been working with modelling and I have finished all the models except for the energy gun which I’m working on right now. I have also been working on the UV layout for the modells so that I can start texturing as soon as I’m finished with the modelling.

tower_room_above_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_above_occ2_small.jpg tower_room_side_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_side_occ2_small.jpg
tower_room_under_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_chests_occ1_small.jpg
Wireframe: Environment

tower_chest_occ_small.jpg tower_books_occ_small.jpg tower_chestofdrawers_occ_small.jpg
tower_pots_occ_small.jpg tower_paintings_occ_small.jpg tower_torch_occ_small.jpg
Wireframe: Chest, Books, Chest of Drawers, Pots, Paintings, Torch.