Monday, May 12, 2008

[GD] Simon Wiippola, Individual Progress Entry#2

Well well would you look at that…once again I wait two weeks before updating, shame on me.

Anyhow during the last two weeks I’ve been working on various tasks such as finishing the work I’ve been doing on the physical geometry for the player and also I’ve been taking a look at implementing important features in the game.
On both points I’ve been suprisingly successful.

* The player is now finally represented as a capsule (some movement bugs still exist but all collisions works).
* Our game now supports particles in every room.
* Sound has been implemented, to what extent I’m not sure yet since testing the sound has been proven impossible on my computer.

Well that’s it for now…over and out.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #2

I’m working on my textures right now, I still have some details to add and colours to correct.

To brake the hypnotic state of UV-mapping and texturing I finished my particles that I’m going to have in my room:

Enemy Cloud particles.
Fire particles.

Particles are fun to lurn and play with but it took some time to figure out how to get the effects that I want. As soon as I’m finished with the textures I will work on the lights in the room and the movements of the staircases.

Pictures of the Tower with textures on are coming, so be patient. ;)

[CG] Agneta Åkerlund Individual Progress Entry #3

The last couple of weeks I have been working away and finishing up some things. I started out by finishing and tweaking the texturing of the scene. I am still considering re-doing the uv-map and the texture for the floor and the walls and so achieve better resolution, but I am putting it on my wishlist for the time being since there are still more important and less finished parts that is in need of my attention.

When I had put away the texturing I gave particles another go and made me some snow. (See screenshots) I learned a lot by this simpe task and later on also made a small “poff” kind of explosion from particles. Particles are fun.

I was happy to finally be able to start setting the light for the scene. Stefanie and me played around with textures light and emission a couple of weeks back and found a pretty nice way to make small flames for candles. A discovery we both have used to make candle light. I have at this point only some tweaking left with light (need more shadows).

Snow in the globe

Snow falling in-doors

Wireframe: Full Environment

Monday, May 5, 2008

[GD] Kennet Johansson, Individual Progress Entry#1

Progress report number one. A little late I suppose (my, has it already been four weeks ´-´), but better late then never I think. I don’t remember exactly what I did specific days so it will be pretty general.

Anyway, not much work done the first week. Like Simon my first tasks all had to do with setting up the environment and getting familiarized with Nebula. From that point onward I have been working on a system for triggers and handling of scenes/levels as well as level scripting.
As of today (litterally today) quite a bit of progress has been made on triggers, scripting is essentially finnished and a foundation has been made for the levels. The project flows on like a river.


Friday, April 25, 2008

[CG] Stefanie Kristiansson - Individual Progress Entry #2

As promised in my last entry, screenshots of my completed environment.

gallery_room01_small.png gallery_room02_small.png gallery_room03_small.png
Wireframe: Environment

[GD] Simon Wiippola, Individual Progress Entry#1

This my first progress report, I didn’t port anything last week because it didn’t feel like I had come far enough to have anything to report.
Now however I have report my progress during this past week and also a recap on what I worked on last week.

Recap of first programming week:
Monday: Was introduced to Nebula and tried to setup Visual studio.
Thuesday: Managed to get VS to work and played around with the Nebula examples.
Wednesday: Started operation “Code freedom”…
Thursday: Managed to liberate the example code from SVN and started modifing it to our needs.
Friday: Fixed steering, fixed bugs in mouse control and implemented basic physics.


Progress this week:
Monday: Bound the camera to a physical object and reworked the controls a bit.
Thuesday: Tried out the physics and collisions in all of the game rooms with a 25% success rate.
Wednesday: Started working on turning the physical representation of th player to a capsule.
Thursday: Managed to implement the capsule but a movement problem arose.
Friday: Tried to fix the movement problem caused by the capsule but no luck.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.

[CG] Therese Jansson, Individual Progress Entry #1

I was sick last week so this week I’ll present my progress from the last two weeks.

I’ve been working with modelling and I have finished all the models except for the energy gun which I’m working on right now. I have also been working on the UV layout for the modells so that I can start texturing as soon as I’m finished with the modelling.

tower_room_above_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_above_occ2_small.jpg tower_room_side_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_side_occ2_small.jpg
tower_room_under_occ1_small.jpg tower_room_chests_occ1_small.jpg
Wireframe: Environment

tower_chest_occ_small.jpg tower_books_occ_small.jpg tower_chestofdrawers_occ_small.jpg
tower_pots_occ_small.jpg tower_paintings_occ_small.jpg tower_torch_occ_small.jpg
Wireframe: Chest, Books, Chest of Drawers, Pots, Paintings, Torch.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

[CG] Agneta Åkerlund - Individual Progress Entry #2

I have made a few models this week, however mostly I have been continuing doing and re-doing some uv-maps and textures. I am in the middle of texturing my scene now and I think that I will be done with this some time mid next week. I can’t say that there is much more to say at this point. Trying to do my best and hopefully it’ll show when the result is handed in.

A screenshot from what I am doing (I have now been taught how to post pics on the blog :D ):


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

[CG] Stefanie Kristiansson - Individual Progress Entry #1

These first two weeks I have been focusing mostly on getting my room ready - the modeling is completely done by now, and I will begin working with textures and lighting soon.

As soon as someone (read: Agneta) figures out how to post pictures on here I’ll update with some screenshots.

That is all for this week.


Friday, April 18, 2008

[CG] Agneta Åkerlund - Individual Progress Entry #1

This first week (not counting desing-doc-week) I have been modelling and uv-mapping the environment for my game-level. I have also done a little bit of texturing and started modelling some of the objects that are found around the room. I have started looking into the nebula particle system, to figure out how it works so that I won’t hit a brick wall of trouble when I hit that point in the timeplan.

I wanted to add a few screenshots, but just now realized that I haven’t quite figured out how to add images to these blog posts yet so it’ll have to wait. I’ll ask around next week.

That was all for me this week.

/Agneta Åkerlund.